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Our mission is to connect a network of millions of people around the world to support one another in their financial goals. We are a hive mind, and by coming together collectively and combining our knowledge we can accomplish anything. We interview the smartest minds in the business, and follow their guidance. This show is a culmination of their ideas and our own. A point of reference for increased cash flow, allowing for an early and comfortable retirement. This allows us the time and freedom to go after that which makes us feel most meaningful. We are In it to Win it.
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Mar 16, 2015


Mental Game MP3s

Tournament Poker Edge

Elliot Roe is a mind coach for poker.  He has developed a hynotherapy program to help players reduce tilt and improve their focus at the table.  He also works with UFC competitors to help them mentally prepare for their fights by improving their focus and confidence.

Elliot has downloadable mp3s for before and after session.  You listen to the tape for 15-20 minutes and then play your session.  He has tapes for online MTTs, online cash, live MTTs, and live cash.  He also does one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions to identify your unique issues at the table:  tilt, anger, self-sabotage, low confidence or lack of motivation.

Check out all his programs by clicking here.


Intro:  Welcome, we are now on Stitcher Radio!

Steve's busy day at work, Haz Mat call, train derailment.  Going to the mail bag; Robbie, Brenden, Tony.  Mike leaving the east coast and moving to San Diego, maybe only online poker MTTs for Mike?  Helping an ameture player, getting backed for the WSOP, Steve's new poker goals - online MTTs, Mike's run at the Commerce Casino.

Strategy hands

Welcome Elliot Roe -  @ElliotRoe1 - Twitter

What is hypnotherapy?  For poker players?  Removing emotion and tilt from the game, coaching UFC fighters, EFT and corticies.

Great quotes from Elliot during this interview:

"You can win any hand, because you're either increasing your value, or decreasing your opponents value.  That's all the game of poker is."

"You can not win the pot in every hand, but the whole concept of poker needs to be:  How can I decrease the value of his hands when he's got me beat, and increase the value of mine when I've got him beat?  And that's all the game is."

Mike's strategy hand:  1k entry Playboy MTT Commerce Casino - Lvl 6 150/300 blinds

Villain But raise 700, Hero SB Th9h 2100, BB folds, Villain calls 2100

Flop (4725) Jh 6 2

Hero 2600, Villain 5600, Hero 10000, Villain calls

Turn (24725) 7h

Hero shoves 23000, Villain folds

Steve's strategy hand:  $1111 WSOP one drop event, Villain Joseph Cheong, 100/200 blinds

Hero MP KTo raise 525, Villain calls 525

Flop (1350) Kc 9c X

Hero 750, Villain all in 3775, Pot 5875 and 3075 to call - 1.9 to 1

Hero calls and Villain shows 8c4c


Thank you for listening!  Hope you enjoyed the show.  You can contact us at the links below or email us at  Have a great rest of the day and we will talk to you next week!





Mar 9, 2015

Jacob is a grinder on Bovada and the Winning Poker Network; he is also a regular in the Tournament Poker Edge forums.  He is a math wizard, relying on the numbers to make his decisions.  Steve met Jacob about a year ago in the TPE forums, and they met in person out in Las Vegas for the 2014 WSOP.

Intro:  Lucky #13!  LA tournaments, coached by Marc Alioto, switching to MTTs online, 3bet ranges, small pairs in position, playing on Winning Poker Network, SIGABA, pninwin, TPE poker group, Steve and Jacob at the WSOP, Jacob's study habits, neighbors getting robbed, getting backed online and live, collusion online.

Bet sizing, reshoving ranges - specifically 66, Andrew Brokos value targeting video, Bigdogpkt5s, study habits.

Steve Strategy:  MTT 30/60 blinds

(1300) Hero MP TT 240

(660) SB 240

Flop (540) Kc Qs 6s

SB shoves 420

Hero calls 420

SB shows KTo


MTT 100/200 blinds

UTG shoves 1460

Hero AJo 1930 reshoves


Mike Strategy Hand:  $225 Sat Rebuy, 45 entries, 13 remaining, 7 handed 400/800 blinds

(45000) Villain Hyjack 1800 

(15800) Hero 33 all in

(25000) SB fold

(9000) BB fold

Villain calls and shows KK


Jacob Strategy Hand:  Playing against a Brazilian Pro in a live $530 one million garantee MTT

Here is the link to the detailed Hand History

Thank you for listening!  Hope you enjoyed the show.  Contact us and give any feedback, we love to hear it.  Have a great rest of the day and we will talk to you next week :)





Mar 2, 2015

Steve and Mike bring on Momma Barton for a spot in the show.  We talk about getting into poker, how we started playing, and of course some strategy.

Intro:  results for the last week, using a HUD online, Mike is improving, learning to quit, Elliot Roe - hypnosis tapes.

Welcome Mom:  How has poker been treating you?  Tournaments at the Luxor and Excalibur, women poker players, playing with a woman at the table, playing at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, WSOP seniors event, WSOP daily deep stack events.

Mike Strategy: 5/10 NL

(1500) Hero But 44 raise 35

(1700) SB 85

BB fold

Hero 225

SB call 225

Flop (460) Q 9x 7

SB ck

Hero 250

SB call 250

Turn (960) Kx

SB ck

Hero 475

SB call 475

River (1910) 2x

SB ck

Hero all in 475

SB folds


(1200) UTG 30

UTG2 30

(3000) Hero CO JdTd

(1900) SB 200

UTG 200

UTG2 fold

Hero 850

SB all in 1900

UTG all in 1200

Hero call all in bets 4520 in pot, 1050 to call


Steve Strategy:  $55 Bovada Super Stack  100/200 blinds

(7400) Hero AK raise 455

Villain CO rr 1110

Hero calls 1110

Flop (2520) T A 7r

Hero ck

Villain ck

Turn (2520) K

Hero 1234

Villain 2468

Hero all in

Villain calls and shows KK


Thank you for listening!  Have a great day and we will talk to you next week!  Oh, we are also on Stitcher Radio now :)

Feb 23, 2015

Travis Jonas is probably one of the most entertaining guests we've had on the show.  He was a professional dealer and poker player before and after the Moneymaker era.  Travis has stories of dealing some of the biggest games in Vegas, including Pros such as Johnny Chan, TJ Cloutier, Phil Hellmuth, and Phil Ivey.  When he was getting started in his career he was backed by Phil Ivey.  Travis won a bracelet in the 2001 Dealers Event in Limit Holdem.  He also tells an awesome story of how he took $100 to the craps tables in Vegas and turned it into $68,000 over the weekend!  We really enjoyed this interview and we know you will too.



Welcome, results from Steve and Mike's Sunday Online grind.

Strategy hands one from Steve and one from Mike.


Welcome Travis:

The LA Tournament - Travis KJ < KT Mike

Travis' start in poker, TJ Cloutier, Minh the Master, 2/4 Limit - 3/6 Limit, Panguingue (PAN), starting as a dealer, dealing for Tony Deeb, Johnny Chan and Frank Henderson, $200,000 pots, winning a bracelet in 2001, Winning a prop bet with Phil Hellmuth and being interviewed by him 2 years later, being backed by Phil Ivey for tournaments and super satelites, watching Phil Ivey play stud for 1 1/2 months at the Commerce Casino, 2004 best weekend in Vegas of his gambling career - turning $100 into $68,000 in a weekend, investments in stocks, winning a degen bet with Layne Flack, and one last strategy hand - pocket sevens in late position.


Steve's HH:  2/3 NL


(300) Villain EP 3

MP1 3

MP2 3

(300) Hero As5s CO 3

SB 3

BB 3

Flop (21) Ac 4c 7s

SB ck BB ck UTG ck

Villain 17

MP1 fold MP2 fold

Hero 17

SB and BB fold

Turn (55) Jh

Villain 25

Hero 25

River (105) 7c

Villain 25

Hero 25

Villain shows AKo


Mike HH:  5/5/10

(1460) Hero UTG AxKd 40

folds around to Villain in the straddle 40

Flop (90) Ax Td 7x rainbow

Villain ck

Hero 60

Villain 60

Turn (210) 8d

Villain ck

Hero ck

River (210) 5d

Villain ck

Hero 200

Villain shoves for 1160 more.  Pot is 1770 and it's 1160 for Mike to call.

Hero calls and Villain shows 89o for a pair of eights.


Steve HH:  2/3 NL

(300) Villain UTG 3

MP 3

(300) Hero CO 7c7s calls 3

SB 3

BB 3

Flop (15) 2d 2h Jc

SB ck BB ck UTG ck MP ck

Hero 12

SB, BB fold

Villain UTG calls 12

MP folds

Turn (34) 4d

Villain ck

Hero 35

Villain 35

River (104) 3c

Villain 30

Hero 30

Villain shows 99


Thank you for listening.  Hope you enjoyed the show.  Have a great week and we will be on next week interviewing Steve's Mom.






Feb 16, 2015


Mental Game MP3s

Tournament Poker Edge

Derek "Killingbird" Tenbusch started Tournament Poker Edge in 2010 with his friend and co-owner Diego "Ron Fez Buddy" Lomanto.  Tournament Poker Edge, or TPE, is a tournament poker training site with hundreds (if not thousands) of training videos by dozens of professionals in the game.  Derek is modest when he says that he's not a professional poker player.  But if grinding over 80 hours a week, being a consistant winner in the game, being financially backed, having a poker coach, and running a poker training site doesn't make you pro, then we don't know what does.



Saving cats from trees, fist fights at the tables, karma comes back to bink a tournament.

Welcome KB:

Podcasting, getting started in poker, binking a $2500 SNG, starting Tournament Poker Edge, MTTs on Bovada, Winning Poker Network & Merge, Having a poker backer, work ethic = 80+ hours per week, TPE videos, going into the mailbag.


Mike folds KK preflop twice in the last couple weeks, check call, check call, check call line.


Steve HH:

EP 3

Hero QQ 21

MP 50

EP folds

Hero all in 200 effective, MP calls w/ AK


Mike HH:  MTT 600/1200 blinds

Hero UTG AKs Raise 3,100

CO shoves 31,000

Hero calls


Steve HH:  2/3NL with a $6 straddle

Straddle 6

UTG1 6

MP1 6

Hero Jc8c MP2 6

CO 6

But 6

SB 6

BB 6

Straddle checks

Flop ($48) Qc 9c 3c

SB ck, BB ck

UTG 81 all in

UTG1 folds

MP1 calls 81

Hero folds :(


Mike HH: 5/5 NL

EP 5

MP 5

(2500) Hero 88 $45

(2045) Villain BB 45

EP 45

MP folds

Flop (145)  As Qs 8c

Villain ck

EP 300

Hero 300

Villain 300

Turn (1045)  5c

Villain ck

EP ck

Hero 800

Villain 800

EP folds

River (2645) Xc

Villain shoves 900

Hero calls 900

Villain shows Ac2c for the backdoor flush


Hope you guys like this episode as much as we enjoyed making it.  Please leave comments on iTunes and hit us up on Twitter and Facebook.  Have a great week and play well on the tables!




Feb 9, 2015


Mental Game MP3s

Tournament Poker Edge

It is obvious to anyone who listens to Marc how passionate he is about the game.  You can hear it in his voice.  Marc is a true American mtt grinder, getting up and playing all the major online tournaments that are available in the USA.  Marc offers a unique insight into the level of dedication and amount of work it takes to be a true professional.  His work ethic and love of the game is top notch and second to none.


Topics of this episode include (but are not limited to...)

Playing online, warm up routine and meditation, getting a coach, playing out of the small blind and the big blind, sports gambling, being a degenerate, study time vs play time, Elliot Roe - Mental Coach, Marc's recent score on the Merge Network, being a Sponsored Lock Poker Pro and then losing a metric $hit ton of money on Lock Poker, Online poker in California, tilt, strategy, and being a TPE professional on Tournament Poker Edge.


Hand History:  MTT blinds 2000/4000  5 handed, final table bubble


Spree43 (147k) raise 8,500

Hero (170k) QQ reraise 19,999

But (100k) folds

LAchance (83k)  4bet all in 83,000

BB (35k) folds

Spree43 shoves all in for 147k

Hero with QQ???


Hope you guys enjoyed the show.  You can get a hold of Marc on twitter, @aznAllin007

You can follow us on Facebook:  Heads Up Poker Podcast

Follow us on twitter: @HUPPodcast

Email us with any questions you have:

Read our blog:

Feb 2, 2015

In this episode we interview Jared Tendler, author of The Mental Game of Poker and The Mental Game of Poker 2.  Jared is a poker coach that helps players with issues of tilt and any problems they have with their game that revolves around the mental aspect.  Jared is not a strategy coach, but a coach for your mental stability at the tables.  We had a blast doing this interview and we know you will enjoy it.


If you would like to contact Jared for coaching or order his books, you can reach him at


Jared also has a podcast called The Mental Game of Poker Radio Show.  Mike and I have listened to every episode from start to finish, and we would highly recommend it to you as well.  Very good interviews with professional players, and a great listen.


Steve's Strategy Hand:


Hero (300) AsTs UTG 13

UTG+1 (200) 13

MP 13

SB (200) 13

BB 13

Flop ($65) Ac Ks 8d

SB ck, BB ck

Hero 25

UTG+1 25

MP folds

SB 25

BB folds

Turn ($140) 5h

All 3 players check

River ($140) Jc

SB ck, Hero ck

UTG+1 30

SB 30

Hero folds


Mike's Strategy Hand:


But raise 65

Hero (1700) SB AxTs 200

BB (2200) calls 200

But folds

Flop ($485) Js 4c 2s

Hero 375

BB 375

Turn ($1235) As

Hero ck

BB 600

Hero shoves 1125

BB calls


Hope you guys enjoyed the show.

You can follow us on Facebook:  Heads Up Poker Podcast

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Jan 26, 2015

John Vorhaus is a man of many talents:  Poker author, screen writer, comedy instructor, and ultimate frisbee champion.  John has been writing about poker for over a quarter century, for magazines like Card Player and his own novels.  In this episode we pick his brain on the evolving game that we love so much.  At the end Steve, Mike and John review a hand from a recent 2/3 NL cash game.  Scroll down to see a list of John Vorhaus' books.


Thank you very much for listening.  Please leave comments if you like the show.

You can contact us at

You can find us on Twitter at HeadsUpPoker@HUPPodcast

We also have a blog at


Hand History

UTG 6 - straddle

MP1 6

MP2 6

Hero 6h4h LP 6

SB 6

BB 6

Flop ($36) 4c 4s 9d

SB ck

BB ck

UTG all in 21

MP1 folds

MP2 calls 21

Hero calls 21

SB calls 21

BB folds

Turn ($120) Jh

SB ck

MP2 ck

Hero bets $50

SB calls $50

MP2 folds

River ($220) Kh

SB bets $60

Hero ??? Pot = $280



You can reach John Vorhaus at:


He is also on Twitter:@TrueFactBarFact


John Vorhaus poker books:

Decide to Play Great Poker - Co-authored w/ Annie Duke

Decide to Play Drunk Poker - the parody

Killer Poker:  Strategy and Tactics for Winning Poker Play

Killer Poker Online:  Crushing the Internet Game

The Killer Poker Hold'em Handbook:  A Workbook for Winners

Killer Poker Online 2:  Advanced Strategies for Crushing the Internet Game

Killer Poker No Limit!

Killer Poker Shorthanded (with Tony Guerrera)

Poker Night:  Winning at Home, in Casinos, and Beyond

The Strip Poker Kit

Under the Gun


John's Novels:

Lucy in the Sky

Poole's Paradise

World Series of Murder

Jan 19, 2015

Steve tries the advice of a poker coach and plays like a complete maniac for an hour, playing every single hand, raising and 3 betting preflop.  If he makes it to the flop he then c-bets or reraises every single time without fail.


Mike makes it out to Trader Joe's to put in an application and a few book stores as well.


00:00 - 02:00  Intro

02:00 - 12:00  Free training opportunity at: - Nick Wealthall

12:00 - 19:00  Reraising with trash / good variance

19:00 - 31:00  Steve hand history

31:00 - 58:00  Mike hand history

58:00 - End     Mike's job hunting


Steve's Hand History 1/3 NL

MP $3

LP $3

Hero SB AdAh $12

MP and LP call $12

Flop ($39)  Kh Td 5c

Hero bets $22

MP calls $22

LP folds

Turn ($83)  Qc

Hero bets $45

MP shoves for $162, $290 in the pot, $117 for hero to call.


Mike's Hand History  5/10 NL

UTG $10

Hero UTG+2  6c6d $10

But $10

SB raise $100, everyone calls

Flop ($410)  A 7 6 rainbow

Checks around

Turn ($410) Q completes rainbow

SB chk, UTG chk, Hero bets $250, But folds, SB calls, UTG folds.  Heads up to the river

River ($910)  4

SB chk, Hero bets $615, SB pauses for 15-20 seconds and shoves all in.  Pot is $3775 and it is $1635 for hero to call.


Thank you guys for listening.  Please send us any hands you would like reviewed and leave comments at:


Enjoy :)

Jan 12, 2015

In this episode Steve is in Las Vegas staying at his brother Chris' house over the holidays.  He's able to sneak away for a few sessions playing at the Bellagio, Binion's, and the Aria.  A couple interesting hands come up, one of which is laying down Queens before seeing a flop.


Mike is back in the game and back to his jovial self.  He's booked a few winning sessions, and the dynamic duo discuss playing AK from the blinds - in one hand heads up against a pro and the other against a reality tv star.


00:00 - 11:00   Intro, poker in Vegas, catching up

11:00 - 37:00   Steve's Strategy Hands

37:00 - 1:18:00  Mike's Strategy Hands

1:18:00 - End  Closing


Steve's Hands:  1/3 NL

UTG+1 ($195) R $12

MP C ($200) $12

Hero But ($300) QQ R $35

UTG+1 shoves $183, MP folds, Hero folds


EP1 ($200) $3

EP2 ($118) CS $3

MP $3

Hero Hyj TcTd  R $18

EP1 C $18

EP2 CS $18

MP folds

Flop ($58) - 9s 4s 2c

EP1 & EP2 chk, Hero bets $40, EP1 folds, EP2 calls $40

Turn ($138) - 9d

EP2 cks, Hero puts EP2 all in, EP2 calls and shows Qs7s


Mike's hands:  5/5 NL

UTG (2000) R $30

MP1 C $30

MP2 C $30

LP C $30

Hero (2000) RR $150

UTG C $150

MP1, MP2, LP all fold.  Heads up to the flop.

Flop ($425) - Qs 8s 3d

Hero B $250

UTG C $250

Turn ($925) 5h

Hero B $575

UTG C $575

River ($2075) 9c

Hero chk

UTG B $600


Villain C $5

MP1 R $30

MP2 C $30

MP3 C $30

LP C $30

Hero SB C $30

Villain C $30

Flop ($185) A 2 4 rainbow

Everyone checks around

Turn ($185) 4x

Hero B $80

Villain C $80, everyone else folds

River ($345) 9x

Hero B $175

Villain R $375

Hero C $200

Villain shows 35o for the flopped wheel


Hope you enjoy this episode.  Please leave comments or email us any hands that you have if you would like us to review them in the podcast.  You can contact us at:

You can also check out our blog at:


Thank you for listening!

Jan 5, 2015

Mike runs out a 22 hour marathon, finishing the morning off with a 10/20 NL heads up match.  Several hands from this match are briefly discussed.


Steve goes over his warm up routine before getting ready to play:

- Breathing exercises

- Mirror exercise

- Motivational speeches

- Power naps

- Hypnosis tapes /


Mike goes over his results for the last several months.  Phil Hellmuth and Phil Galfond are briefly talked about and advice that they've given to poker players.


Dec 29, 2014

After taking several bad beats, Mike is a bit down ... Sometimes, you just can't beat a drunk.  He even contemplates getting a real job.  Steve tries to stop that crazy talk right away and they go on to dissect several hands from recent cash sessions.


If there is a theme to these hand histories, it would be bet sizing.  In each hand there is a lot to be learned from the bet sizes.


00:00 - 17:00  Intro, stepping down in limits?, bankroll management

17:00 - 28:00  Las Vegas, Vegas casinos, How much to buy in for a session, Christmas time!

28:00 - 49:00  Mike Strategy hands

49:00 - End  Steve Strategy hands


Mike's Hand Histories: 5/5 NLH


Hero ($2600) AdAh UTG $35

MP calls $35

But ($4000) raises $105

BB ($1405) calls $105

Hero reraises $330

MP folds, But and BB call $330

FLOP ($1030) 9c 7c 5h

BB shoves for $1075, Hero shoves all in, But folds

BB shows 45o


UTG calls $5

UTG+1 raises $30

Hero ($1200) KK reraises $190

UTG folds

UTG+1 calls $190

FLOP 9 8 2 rainbow

UTG+1 bets $275

Hero shoves all in, UTG+1 calls shows 98o


Steve's Hand Histories: 2/3 NLH


Hero ($300) 8d8h UTG raise $12

UTG+1, MP, SB, BB all call $12

FLOP ($60) Qc 9d 8c

SB chk

BB bets $30

Hero raises $100

Everyone folds, BB folds and shows a Queen


Hero ($350) JsJc UTG raise $16

UTG+1, MP, SB, BB all call $16

FLOP ($80) Jd Qs 6s

SB bets $25

BB folds

Hero raises $100

Everyone folds, SB shows a Queen and says he didn't like his kicker


Hero ($520) 7c7h UTG call $3

MP1, MP2, CO, But, SB, BB all call $3

FLOP ($21) 3c 3d 2c

SB, BB chk

Hero bets $15, it folds to the CO who calls $15, But, SB and BB fold.  Heads up to the turn.

TURN ($51) 4d

Hero bets $20

CO shoves for $121, Pot = $191, $101 for hero to call.

Hero calls $101, CO shows 32o.


Hope you like this episode.  I think we have the sound figured out for this one, so it should be much more enjoyable to listen to.  Please leave us any feedback you have, we would love to hear it.  You can listen and subscribe, or contact us at


Thank you and enjoy :)

Dec 22, 2014

Here we are at Episode 2!  In this episode we review the last week and find out how Mike finished in the main event.  Some of the topics include general strategy in the small and big blind, bankroll management, being a professional at the table, and how many buy-ins to take with you.


Intro and general strategy 0 - 28 minutes

Steve's hand histories: 28:00

Mike's hand histories: 1:03:00


Please leave comments and tell us what you think of the show!  Thanks for listening :)

Dec 16, 2014

We are excited to announce the launch of our first episode of the Heads Up Poker Podcast.  Hosted by Steve Barton and Mike Sneideman, two California guys who love to talk poker strategy.  Steve is a professional fireman who has played poker for the last 11 years, winning at the game for the last 7 years.  Mike recently gave up his career as a mailman to move out to San Diego California to be closer to his son and pursue a career as a professional poker player.


In this episode we discuss Mike's recent run in the WSOP circuit event in San Diego.  Mike had several deep runs, including an 8th and 9th place finish.  We break down several hands of his main event deep run and discuss tournament strategy, bluffing, slowplaying and much more.


Please leave comments and let us know what you think of the show.  Thank you for listening!

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